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Wednesday, November 5

Evening Session - 7:00PM
Dr. Steve Houpe

Thursday, November 6

Know Your Leadership Style - 10:15AM
Developing Trust: Open & Honest Communication
Pastor Eric Gladney

Fiscal Soundness - 10:15AM
Practical financial tips for non-profit organizations
Phil Watson

Does The Shoe Fit You? - 11:15AM
Know your calling
Pastor James C. Hash, Jr 

Volunteers - 11:15AM
Developing A Strong Workforce
Theresa Watters & Virginia Blue

Ready, Set, Change - 12:15PM-1:00PM
Is your church relevant for the times?
Tim Cool

Evening Session - 7:00PM
Dr. James C. Hash, Sr.

Friday, November 7

Go Fish - 10:15AM
Effective Evangelism: Internally and Externally
Evangelist Brenda Kearney

The Faithful Worshipper  - 10:15AM
The Posture of Worship
Larry Jenkins

Family Matters - 11:15AM
How to balance family, home, and church life
Pastor Joseph Coyne

How to Build a Generation Church - 11:15AM
Foundation principles to building children, youth and college ministries
Pastor Jayson Sloan

Establishing Legacy - 12:15PM-1:00PM
Practical Kingdom principles to create legacy
Stu Epperson 

Evening Session - 7:00PM
Dr. Steve Houpe

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